Why we should always print some of our favourite images

In a world where we get so used to briefly flicking through images on our devices, actually printing our favorite photographs and displaying them on our walls, or in photographic albums is really important..

Help your images engage with you  

Whether we print for our walls, into albums, or on to other media, a printed image is one that we then live with on a far more regular basis. Printed images catch us by surprise, they engage us with their stories whenever we engage with them. I love having quality images on the walls of my home, on a daily basis I gain so much more value from these images, than those that I have to open a device to experience.



Add value to your photographs

Images saved and filed away on our devices, are just that, filed away. Unless they are able to engage us, their value is diminished.
By printing we improve the value we get from our images.
Beautifully presented images, displayed in the perfect place in our homes will engage us almost on a daily basis. This engagement brings joy to our living spaces for years and years.
When considering your financial investment on the printing of your images, remember the value that quality printing will deliver.

The importance of printing from High Resolution images

Whilst our devices are increasingly able to capture incredible images, quality printing of these images is difficult. Screens produce beautiful, bright versions of our images, however printing these for display purposes exposes their limitations. Professional photographers use cameras that have sensors that are much larger, and therefore can capture far more detail. These full frame or medium format cameras are reassuringly expensive, and the images they produce really shine when printed.

How your Professional photographer can help?

So, when considering your investment in quality photography, pay for the best possible printing that you can afford. Talk to your photographer about the options that would work best for you, for your home and your photographs.

Printing should be of the highest quality, using inks that render beautifully the colours of the image. Professionally printed images are far more colour stable, and will present your images at their absolute best.

Your professional photographer is the best possible person to advise you about the printing options available. In fact, professional photographers will often shoot with display in mind, if they understand what you are thinking before the day of your wedding or photoshoot, then all the better.

“On the recommendation of Rob, I brought an aluminum print of a lovely photo Rob took of myself and some mates at the base of Scafell Pike, it came out amazingly. This was the first time I had heard of printing on metal and it is so much nicer than large prints in a frame. Beautifully clear and really shines”