Capturing the precious moments in time as your family grows up, is what my family portraits are all about.

I believe that at fairly regular significant mileposts, capturing quality family portraits is so important. The regular snapshots on phones and similar devices are so great, however lack the timeless quality, and day to day pleasure that comes from enjoying a professionally captured and printed family portrait.

Most of my images are captured in special places, places that have significance to you and your family. With my professional approach and equipment, I pride myself at being able to capture timeless images. When this is done in beautiful, and significant places, the images take on a certain magic that is truly priceless.

As a former teacher with current DBS certification, you will find I have a relaxed and reassuring approach that really lends itself to the photography of families and young people.



Great use of light and setting

I was asking the kids earlier about the shoot we did and they were really chuffed with the whole experience. Great choice of location for an autumn shoot. You had some really imaginative ideas to get them moving about, so the shots were really animated and exciting. You were super-patient with them and took the time to coax them into position. Great use of light and setting. They all really enjoyed it, and it looks like you did too: calm and in control. The results were superb: everyone who’s seen them has been very impressed: especially their mother (that’s really important!).



Children & Family Photography Shoot

I charge a shoot fee of £100 which buys my time and expertise to capture and process some glorious images. Included in this is the time needed to discuss with you before the shoot exactly what you are hoping for in the images. We can do this over the phone, however I’d much prefer to come and meet you and discuss the shoot in person.

Once the images are captured we can select your favorites, and you will have these to store on your devices and share with your friends and family. At this point I will be in the best position to advise you about the appropriate presentation options, and have your choices produced by my chosen Professional photo lab.

I firmly believe that by carefully selecting your favorite images and then printing them appropriately you maximize the joy you will receive from these images for many years to come. My Award-winning lab have a huge range of printing options, and having visited the lab and studied all their options, I can be your expert advisor explaining all the latest options and helping you make the most appropriate choices.

Rest assured that there will be no hard sell here, just expert recommendations for you to consider.





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