With the current trend for smaller Weddings, we are finding that couples are investing more of their money on beautiful flowers to make the very best of the Wedding Day. Smaller Weddings come with less time pressure, so that more of your day can be spent working with your photographer to craft beautiful images where your florals are used to their best effect.

It’s important to choose a photographer who understands the importance of your Wedding flowers, and understands how to care for, and use your flowers creatively in your Wedding photographs. Some photographers seem to see flowers as a peripheral item to be squeezed into their day, whereas to get the most out of your investment, it’s much better to choose a photographer who loves helping your flowers truly shine.

Time spent with your photographer before the Wedding, planning your day is essential for maximising the value you get from your floral investment. If your photographer understands exactly what flowers you are investing in, then they can make creative suggestions and work with you on a plan that with ensure that you get the most glorious images. As I mentioned, if we have more time available, then we can plan to present your florals in the best possible times and locations where the light will be at its best.

Good photographers will love sitting down with you before your Wedding to ensure that they capture the best images for you, planning how to make the most of your flowers should be an important part of these planning meetings.